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Mint Julep - Some strong spirits, a touch of sweetness and cool, soothing mint.

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Angelica Torn in Mint Julep

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Mint Julep Recipe

Mint Julep Recipe


A lonely, sticky fingered waitress is looking to leave town while her complacent insurance salesman husband gets taken for a ride by a Southern viper. Romance, murder, golf and freight trains are the themes of a strange trip through the South in this darkly comedic feature film.
Running length: 1 Hour 39 Minutes - This film is not yet rated

Angelica Page Torn in Mint Julep the Movie Angelica Torn - Deirdre

Ms. Torn was recently nominated for a Helen Hayes award for her role in August: Osage County. She also starred in a film she wrote and produced: Lucky Days. And she appears as Madame Curie this spring. Angelica’s parents, Geraldine Page and Rip Torn,presented Angelica with an environment in which theater and film were the oxygen they breathed. Angelica escaped ‘the life’ long enough to start a restaurant, have a couple of kids, and generally check out real life before she was snared. The first play Angelica was in, or at least had a major role in, was ‘Soup’, a two hander. The other actor was Johnny Mez. The play was a one-act, part of an evening of one acts called Bloodfest ’91, written and directed by…Kathy Fehl and Ian Teal.

David Morse in the movie Mint JulepDavid Morse - Karl

David grew up in the Boston area and was involved with the Boston Rep for several years while he was still in his teens. He starred in a theatrical rendition of Vonnegut’s Player Piano and was able to really use the amazing physical dexterity of which one can catch a glimpse in all of his performances. Kathy Fehl directed him in Waiting for Godot at the theater she started in Riverside Park. [While in Player Piano the character was defined by robotic movement, in Godot the character relied on gesture to say more than words.] Among David’s memorable performances are roles in two movies directed by Sean Penn: Indian Runner and The Crossing Guard, George Washington in John Adams, and Dancer in the Dark. David is currently appearing in Treme, a TV series being shot in New Orleans

Susan AstonSusan Aston - Veronica

Susan worked in small theaters in NYC, often at the Westbank Café, the gestation unit for Lewis Black among others. Susan did quite a few plays with James Gandolfini; she still works with him. Susan was James’ coach on the set of the Sopranos and often works with him on features. She teaches at the New School, the Actors’ Studio, and at Pace University. Susan had the lead in Kathy Fehl’s play Slow Erosion at the People’s Playhouse on East 4th Street, NYC.

Johhny MezJohnny Mez - Gantner

During his multi-faceted career as a musician and actor Johnny spent some time on Martha’s Vineyard where he worked with Ian Teal on a production of Midsummer Nights Dream. His delightful romp as one of the mechanicals has remained fresh in the memory of friends and strangers. Memories of Johnny’s performance forcefully remind them of youthfulness and joy, of freedom and restlessness, even of the frustrations that they no longer admit into their safe worlds. Johnny’s exuberance has legitimized him as the subject of a book to be released in 2012: How to Get Arrested in All Fifty States. Johnny studied Meisner technique at the Meisner Institute in Manhattan. He worked with Ian and Kathy on East 4th Street, appearing in Johnny on the Pony and other vehicles and also camped out on the top floor of the building, painting pictures of Madonnas in a Byzantine style. Johnny does some acting in Manhattan and lives in Maine, where he is a fisherman.

James Gandolfini in the movie Mint Julep James Gandolfini - Mr G

Gandolfini acted in small theaters in New York as he tripped toward stardom. His dissonant humor was evident when he performed in the role of Mr. Turbot, the crematorium urn salesman, at the People’s Playhouse. He also worked on Broadway, and recently returned to the stage in God of Carnage. He was nominated for a Tony. James has produced and worked on and in two films about the troubles of war, the real trauma that faces the troops, Alive Day: Home From Iraq and War torn: 1861-2010. He and his company, Attaboy Films, will be producing a film about Hemingway during the Spanish Civil War this year. And of course James starred in The Sopranos as Tony Soprano.

Ian Teal in Mint Julep Ian Teal - Leighton

Ian produced and directed plays on Martha’s Vineyard: Midsummer Night’s Dream was his first major undertaking, in the amphitheater which he and friends developed in conjunction with the Vineyard Playhouse. He also acted; roles include Lenny in Of Mice and Men, Mitch in Streetcar Named Desire, Bottom in Midsummer Nights Dream. He was a long time member of the comedy group Afterwords, which developed and performed sketch comedy on the Vineyard and in Manhattan, choosing sensibly to summer on the Vineyard. In NYC Ian led the conversion of an abandoned building at 64 East 4th Street into a functioning ninety-nine seat theater with floors dedicated to art classes, music rehearsal and administrative offices with ping pong facilities. He also directed Johnny on the Pony, acted in Cyrano de Bergerac, Kathy Fehl’s Slow Erosion and many more. Ian was part of the crew of All the Vermeers in New York and developed the three part film Emerald Triangle with Bitten Knudsen. Ian is now working on a film to be shot in Wisconsin. Principal photography is scheduled to begin in August, 2011. The film is being developed by Kathy Fehl and Ian Teal and describes life in Northeast Wisconsin.

Kathy Fehl in Mint Julep Kathy Fehl - Muriel

Kathy’s learned a lot from her teachers Lee Strasberg, Christine Lavren, David Proval  and Geraldine Page among others. She had about a dozen plays she’s written produced in small theaters in NYC. She’s also directed Shakespeare, John Ford Noonan, Katharine Houghton, Beckett, Strindberg and others’ works. She’s started and run some theater companies, perhaps most interestingly a five hundred seat theater in Riverside Park. It looked out over the Hudson. Once it had been built and operated successfully Mayor Koch and Parks Commissioner Gordon Davis thought they’d rent the space out to a restaurant. Kathy and Community Board 7 (Ruth Messinger) defeated City Hall. Making Mint Julep was the most fun Kathy’s ever had.

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The Rest of the Cast
Jimmy - James Williams
Lillian - Lillian Martin
Paddy - Paddy Hanner
Mr Johnson - Ed Lillard
Mrs Green - Sally Saunders
Bartender - James Byrd
Plaid Golfer - Jim Mears
Young Caddy - David Gordon
Dancer - Gigi
Girl at supply store - Layla Gordon
Muriel’s Daughter - Sophie Harton
Baby - Chloe Rose O’hara
Barber - James Breedon
Jewelry Store - Lois Rettew
Jewelry Store (city) - Marsha Friend
Saab Driver - Stephane Zerbib
Gantner’s Dog - Kelba
Deirdre’s Cat - Biddles
Pool Hall - Vicki Souther-Genadio
Pool Hall - Rob Genadio
Grand Central - Tana & Elijah Burkhardt, Barb Adler, Anne Jensen
Ambulance Driver - Tim O’hara
Neighbors - Josiah Murray, Ruth Mears
Putters - Julie Czap, Kirk Bell


Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by Kathy Fehl & Ian Teal
Executive Producer - Marilyn Perry
Associate Producers - Tarquin Callen, Kirk Bell
Directors of Photography - Russell Day, Nils Kenaston
Camera Operator - Herb Harton
Camera Assistants - Pat Armstrong, Dan Hersey, Mary Latvis
Sound Mixers - Christopher Stanley, Harvey Edwards
Boom - Rob Genadio, Fred Edwards
Key Grip - Tim O’hara
Costumes - Amy Teal O’hara
Still Photographer - Kate Milford
Production Assistants - Mark Scheurlein, Brian Hanner, Craig Galloway, Wayne Edwards, Steve Bly, Walker Tufts
Assistant to Ms. Torn - Daniel James Cole
Color Lab - Duart, Metropolis
Sound Mix - Duart
Music by Tommy James - Tommy has played with the Duke Ellington Orchestra since 1987 and he is its current conductor and pianist.
Piano - Tommy James
Bass - David Dunaway
Drums - Rocky White
Trumpet - Steve Reed
Sax - Shelley Carroll