Mint Julep the Independant Film by Kathy Fehl & Ian TealMovie







Mint Julep - Some strong spirits, a touch of sweetness and cool, soothing mint.

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Angelica Torn, David Morse, Johnny Mez, Susan Aston, Ian Teal, Kathy Fehl

Special Appearance by

James Gandolfini


"Diary of a lost film - MINT JULEP" Story on MUBI by Dan Sallitt







Mint Julep the Movie with Angelica Torn, David Morse & James Gandolfini

'While it has the film-noir elements of murder, infidelity and fraud, “Mint Julep” also has an engaging surreal quality that reflects the influence of directors such as Fellini, Bunuel and Antonioni.' - Rick Warner - Bloomberg News

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'Caddyshack meets Gone With the Wind' - Ryan Benson of Scene Magazine
''s funnier than a barrel full of monkeys. And it's a riveting look at the psyches of star crossed lovers, golfers and thieves.' - Sam Pael of American Dreamer